Antes de Viajar

No matter what you go to the same destination, one, two, ten times. It’s always something different and surprising because you know different people. So, traveling is always striking, for business or leisure. Does not matter.

But for this trip be positively selected, you should take some care before, especially when travel is international. Whether for Buenos Aires or Tokyo, care is the same. Different cultures, different languages, different habits.

Simple precautions such as validity of the passport, visa, vaccination, for example, to unusual destinations, among other things, must include your check-list. To assist you with vaccines, for example, ABRACORP made a partnership with GSK, one of the largest companies in the vaccines business. To learn more, click next.

Another caution, most importantly, health concerns. Now, with the new rules from SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance), the well-known health care needs something more to ensure protection to you in international travel. It is now required an insurance policy for each trip you make, provided you have secured the services that we never use … Look for your ABRACORP TMC and learn.